Saturday, 18 February 2012

2 Seems Very Opposing Sides But Are Friend For Common Objectives

Our sensors picked up very unusual reading of dark matter compositions over the Middle East skies lately. Now what we all worry the most is when these two very opposing sides helping each other in the past have gained momentum politically and wealth to embark another great turmoil against humanity. There are many version of stories of the two tribes that could bring chaos to the world and walls were built to prevent them from entering this side of the world. In the old days, metaphors were used to easily explain to the listeners. Science and technology weren't invented in those days to understand such attributes and phenomenon. On human genome, the two tribes share common aggressor DNA. The wall we understood is not physical at all. It is a visibly unseen barrier to prevent these two tribes from gaining strength and momentum to bring chaos to humanity with the influence of dark entities. From historical records, these two tribes had been known to assist oppressors to conduct great destructions to known civilizations for one common agenda even sometimes they sacrificed their own kind. The agenda is not to bring peace and prosper to the world but the destruction of mankind and every essense of good of mankind. Previously we could see the non-physical wall separating the two states. Now one state has already gained its political strength and another has gained tremendous wealth, thanks to financial crisis of mega loans in the west and euro zone and technology might they possesses. Now the wall is no longer there! When the wall is not there the activities of these dark matter are very unusual. We believe they are there for some big event. The men who opposed each other state is politically acted with common spiritual motivation to bring destruction to any mankind who profess and worship One GOD. History recorded their active participations in many known events but we are still visibly blinded with their so called pious and liberation acting. We should be alarmed when these two tribes agents testing the serene waters in near our backyard. Recent event very near to our backyard proved they are putting bad intentions. We have the eyes to see the unseen through technology. Why we were given such knowledge to develop such technology is unclear. Only recent, the machines and materials to develop such technology are easily available. We could produce the same technology at 1/1000 the cost needed 10 years ago. Thanks to those great demand for mobile gadgets that lowered the cost to develop these special eye technology to great extend. Now we can see how we are being influenced through technology when we are alone, in crowd, in temper etc so they we could destroy the all good essense of humanity in ourselves.

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