Sunday, 4 March 2012

The wall is really downed for good!

In the previous post when we mentioned the invisible wall was no longer there. Our sensors confirmed it. Suddenly there was news on Jan 30, 2012, all over the western and Arab worlds about a new technology that this seemed very religious place had possessed something so advance with the help of a clan once we thought was their number one enemy. Behind the curtains they were more than just friends. The blog post on Jan 26, 2012 by has some truth except HAARP. We have been monitoring them for the past 32 years after their first victory after remaining inactive for many hundreds of years. Their influence has been growing at an alarming rate. The events that took place amongst them and their enemy were intriguing indeed. Many of us have been blinded by their called for brotherhood persecuting anyone disagreeing their faith, motive and political agenda. History has written their religious motive was more politically motivated than the pursue for truth.. They worshiped so much of their leaders. Now they have controlled areas from the sea of Mediterranean to the Indian Ocean. It fits nicely when two sides charading for the biggest agenda prior 2020. This is what we fear most when religion is used as political tool to corrupt and destroy the religion. Religion as the way of life and as a state has never been imprinted in their minds. How these type of people charading their lives to show how good and pious they were while they were playing mischievously behind the curtain. Sounds familiar with the events back home. The readings of light particles above 3 micron wavelength (fire and thermal resonance) at the edge of Mediterranean was significantly different than readings taken in year 2011. We have no explanation what triggered the increased in intensity. Interesting enough light resonance below 0.1 micron is so damaging to any life form organic or inorganic. Everything gets destroyed. Our visibility response from 0.35 micron to 0.65 micron. Between 0.65 micron to 3 micron is termed as invisible light and has enormous benefits to health and modern applications. Interestingly, the knowledge to develop the sensors came in the early 80s although Einstein won the Noble prize for the idea and simple experiment of one of the sensors basics to enable current flow when low visible light or dark is detected. The idea to expand to broader light resonance came with solid state technology and the many beautiful rare earth materials that allow us too see below 0.35 micron and above 0.65 micron of light resonances. Now we could see something that could not be seen. At 0.35 micron our mind translates the response as blue color, 0.55 micron as green and 0.65 micron as red. Anything that is not in the visible light spectrum has no color. All the colors that we know have been imprinted in our mind by our Creator. Anything beyond could be some unknown color humans have not seen since creation. Our eye rods have broadband response capability but are able to response within the visible light spectrum. Now make us wonder why we have such eyesight capability but has limited sight scope. Our Creator knows what bes for us. Are we being prepared for something to see beyond the visible spectrum during the creation of Adam and for Judgement Day.