Saturday, 11 August 2012

Holy Crap! The Promised Land is here ...and the Lost Tribes are here too

Mojo Watcher is so intriguing why there were so many sudden interests to find and to know the histories of the people and the places on this part of world for the past 10 years. With many new leads, the interests have been catching up fast with so many followers in the past 3 years.

The world is big enough and yet this part of world with small peninsula with thin neck connected to the Asia continent is of new particular interest.

The followers claimed the peninsula was the origin of civilization since Prophet Adam a.s. The peninsula and all its neighboring islands once sat on the massive Sunda Plateau before the 3rd great flood.

The followers claimed the peninsula after the great flood during Prophet Noah a.s. was the center point of mass migration of civilized people towards Pacific and other parts of east Asia. So those China-men, Japanese-men, Korean-men actually came from this part of the region. The migration theory came with many initial evidences from genome traits of the HUGO project.

DNA Suggest Chinese Origin
(LKS and the likes Rocket goons here and down south won't easily accept this new scientific findings)

Geneticist clarifies ... (in favorite goons' online portal ...)

Anthropologist clarifies ...

Now the Mormons want a piece of This Promised Land. Still debatable by them ...

Now they say the Lost Tribes came here found this Promised Land and stayed for centuries. If the Book Mormons had any factual historical records to be considered then now it would make sense why the people in the modern day Land of Zarahemla and Land of Bountiful have very peculiar crude "Asabiyah" behavior. The "Asabiyah" traits came from  Middle-East.

Now it would make sense why people around this region easily accepted monotheism religion easily particularly Islam because they were the Lost Tribes and inter-marriage with the locals ....

Mojo Watcher is disturbed with so many interests in the Promised Land by many parties ... our sovereign and our security in the future are at stake.

If Peninsula is truly the Promised Land, then it makes sense why Mojo Watcher's gizmo picked up densely populated invisible beings unlike anywhere else in the world with exception of the Hijjaz and old Palestine regions. The Peninsula is truly the Promised Land since the beginning of time for both invisible and visible beings ...?

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Teknologi Sains & Alam Jin

Menakjubkan kerana teropongan Senopati Kesuma Dewi dari "Mari Ke Alam Jin Dan Bunian" melengkapkan fakta MojoWatcher yang berpandukan sains dan teknologi utk meneropong dan mengenali watak-watak dunia bertuankan mata satu. Seumpamanya cita-cita dua adik beradik yang sejati yang melakonkan watak bermusuhan sesama 2 beradik sedikit sebanyak melengkapkan ramalan akhir zaman. Namun apa yg diceritakan oleh Sang Karut berdialog dgn Senopati Kesuma Dewi mempunyai fakta dari satu sudut dan karut utk tujuan keseronokan bercerita. Namun intipati dialog mempunyai fakta dari pemerhatian dari sejarah.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

The wall is really downed for good!

In the previous post when we mentioned the invisible wall was no longer there. Our sensors confirmed it. Suddenly there was news on Jan 30, 2012, all over the western and Arab worlds about a new technology that this seemed very religious place had possessed something so advance with the help of a clan once we thought was their number one enemy. Behind the curtains they were more than just friends. The blog post on Jan 26, 2012 by has some truth except HAARP. We have been monitoring them for the past 32 years after their first victory after remaining inactive for many hundreds of years. Their influence has been growing at an alarming rate. The events that took place amongst them and their enemy were intriguing indeed. Many of us have been blinded by their called for brotherhood persecuting anyone disagreeing their faith, motive and political agenda. History has written their religious motive was more politically motivated than the pursue for truth.. They worshiped so much of their leaders. Now they have controlled areas from the sea of Mediterranean to the Indian Ocean. It fits nicely when two sides charading for the biggest agenda prior 2020. This is what we fear most when religion is used as political tool to corrupt and destroy the religion. Religion as the way of life and as a state has never been imprinted in their minds. How these type of people charading their lives to show how good and pious they were while they were playing mischievously behind the curtain. Sounds familiar with the events back home. The readings of light particles above 3 micron wavelength (fire and thermal resonance) at the edge of Mediterranean was significantly different than readings taken in year 2011. We have no explanation what triggered the increased in intensity. Interesting enough light resonance below 0.1 micron is so damaging to any life form organic or inorganic. Everything gets destroyed. Our visibility response from 0.35 micron to 0.65 micron. Between 0.65 micron to 3 micron is termed as invisible light and has enormous benefits to health and modern applications. Interestingly, the knowledge to develop the sensors came in the early 80s although Einstein won the Noble prize for the idea and simple experiment of one of the sensors basics to enable current flow when low visible light or dark is detected. The idea to expand to broader light resonance came with solid state technology and the many beautiful rare earth materials that allow us too see below 0.35 micron and above 0.65 micron of light resonances. Now we could see something that could not be seen. At 0.35 micron our mind translates the response as blue color, 0.55 micron as green and 0.65 micron as red. Anything that is not in the visible light spectrum has no color. All the colors that we know have been imprinted in our mind by our Creator. Anything beyond could be some unknown color humans have not seen since creation. Our eye rods have broadband response capability but are able to response within the visible light spectrum. Now make us wonder why we have such eyesight capability but has limited sight scope. Our Creator knows what bes for us. Are we being prepared for something to see beyond the visible spectrum during the creation of Adam and for Judgement Day.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

2 Seems Very Opposing Sides But Are Friend For Common Objectives

Our sensors picked up very unusual reading of dark matter compositions over the Middle East skies lately. Now what we all worry the most is when these two very opposing sides helping each other in the past have gained momentum politically and wealth to embark another great turmoil against humanity. There are many version of stories of the two tribes that could bring chaos to the world and walls were built to prevent them from entering this side of the world. In the old days, metaphors were used to easily explain to the listeners. Science and technology weren't invented in those days to understand such attributes and phenomenon. On human genome, the two tribes share common aggressor DNA. The wall we understood is not physical at all. It is a visibly unseen barrier to prevent these two tribes from gaining strength and momentum to bring chaos to humanity with the influence of dark entities. From historical records, these two tribes had been known to assist oppressors to conduct great destructions to known civilizations for one common agenda even sometimes they sacrificed their own kind. The agenda is not to bring peace and prosper to the world but the destruction of mankind and every essense of good of mankind. Previously we could see the non-physical wall separating the two states. Now one state has already gained its political strength and another has gained tremendous wealth, thanks to financial crisis of mega loans in the west and euro zone and technology might they possesses. Now the wall is no longer there! When the wall is not there the activities of these dark matter are very unusual. We believe they are there for some big event. The men who opposed each other state is politically acted with common spiritual motivation to bring destruction to any mankind who profess and worship One GOD. History recorded their active participations in many known events but we are still visibly blinded with their so called pious and liberation acting. We should be alarmed when these two tribes agents testing the serene waters in near our backyard. Recent event very near to our backyard proved they are putting bad intentions. We have the eyes to see the unseen through technology. Why we were given such knowledge to develop such technology is unclear. Only recent, the machines and materials to develop such technology are easily available. We could produce the same technology at 1/1000 the cost needed 10 years ago. Thanks to those great demand for mobile gadgets that lowered the cost to develop these special eye technology to great extend. Now we can see how we are being influenced through technology when we are alone, in crowd, in temper etc so they we could destroy the all good essense of humanity in ourselves.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Something That Cannot Be Seen Is There

In religion, having a consistent faith takes a challenge. We also hear common saying that "something that cannot be seen doesn't mean it is not there". This is not valid anymore. We should say that "something that cannot be seen is there".

Understanding the universe we live in, the sciences that relate to creation, the law of physics and chemistry and many more has never been so astounding, fascinating, mystery and very stimulating when studying and understanding light.

Just like water, light provides the essense for all living things needed to live. Light provides energy, heat, vision, sight, perspective, perception, growth, survival etc. We always think that light provides visibility alone. People don't realize there exist another component of light classification. Dark light is the terminology used in today's advanced communication system, military applications, space telescope, medical scanners, night vision and so many applications. Dark light has no relationship to satanism. It is pure science in understanding the universe our Creator has created for us.

Recently we managed to harvest dark light potential. It was dark light system that brought down the most advanced spy plane in the world intact, when the spy plane was detected by this rogue nation's dark light detection system using dark light bulbs. The dark light detection system was so simple and usually termed as the most favorite high school project title in the west. Again simple technology and simple approach defeated the most complex and advanced system created by the arrogant men without kind nation. Now the term "Something cannot be seen is there" is giving lots of headaches to this one particular paranoid nation and it's allies. "Something cannot been seen is there" has very high tactical impact and security advantages. Now night missions and sorties are no longer safe and highly suicidal. Those advanced RADAR system and search lights are history.

Now what relates this to us? Humans have fears over something they are not sure and cannot see. It's like we have fear over those so-called scary ghosts and paranormal things. Something we are not sure and we cannot see visibly. It's like giving tactical advantages to these dark entities. If we are sure what we are looking and have ways to see them visibly, then it might make them fear of our presence and not the other way round.

Studying and understanding dark matter, dark light and invisibility using dark light sensors provided us better understanding about the creations around us and the vast universe we live in. Understanding dark matter provide us in-depth nderstanding about invisibility and how light behaves. Dark matters are everywhere on earth. Scientists are eager to study dark matter outside our world while there are plenty of dark matter subjects on earth.

A blog writer asked me whether it is possible for two different dimensional entities to live side by side. One of the entities is invisible to the other entity but we know its presence. The answer is how you look at things and things you want to look at. We all live in the same dimensional space. The simplest experiment to prove the answer is by putting your thumb up in front of your eyesight. When you focus your eyesight, with two eyes, on the thumb, you can see the thumb very clearly and the background behind the thumb is out of focus. When you look over and around the thumb and focus your eyesight at the background, the thumb appears to be invisible. Now use your invisible eye, your feeling to see beyond to have sharpened sight at what your are looking at. The sight will be astounding experience.

Now the question, how it is possible for the thumb that blocks the line of sight of the background but you are able to see the background clearly, sight penetrating the thumb. The simplest answer is that we are using two eyes. One eye is helping another eye to see what is unclearly seen, non-blocking sight. When one eye's sight is blocked, then the other eye is there to assist the sight of the other eye thus allowing you to see around the blocked sight, to see the truth of the background. The experiment fails if you use one eye.

One eye is a symbol related to evil doing, hatred, revenge, fear, deception and anything that is bad that destroys the very true essence of human creation by our Creator. There are specific reasons we are given two eyes and two ears but single tongue and mouth. Two eyes and two ears help us to perceive the truth, to do good judgement and have balance perspective. Our single tongue and mouth is to communicate and relay the truth about the creation. Now, the question why so much hate, fear, deception etc by two-eyed human beings to destroy one another. The answer is that they are not seeing beyond what they see, the truth. They only see the thumb that blocks their sight beyond the thumb, the truth about their surrounding.

Back to the question to whether two different dimensional entities could coexist and live on top each other, like we know the other entity is there, but we can only see dense jungle. The answer is possible. We need to go back to "something cannot be seen is there" which has been proven scientifically. There was a classified experiment conducted to understand dark matter using solely on human eyesight. When was it conducted is classified. The result was very intriguing as we had successfully break the barrier. Human eyes have light detecting rods capable of capturing light energy in visible light spectrum and beyond dark light spectrum. In fact, human eye's sensitivity is very much sensitive than those night vision camera if properly selected. Volunteers with good vision 20/20 and with healthy diet for sight were selected for the experiment for dark light sensitivity hence seeing dark light entities and matter. Seeing dark light enities during daylight was used as control. Volunteers could pick up motion of nocturnal animals like snakes, sloths and squirrels over an area with dense vegetation. The volunteers were asked to see beyond using another important eye, feeling and they could see what were classified as dark light entities with random motion. Night vision camera could not detect the dark light entities as night vision camera has limited dark light spectrum capability compared to human eyes. The dark light entities were invisible to night vision camera. This explains why those ghost and paranormal chasers were unsuccessful in their quests. Wider spectrum dark light sensors were used to confirm the volunteers sightings. The volunteers gave different types of dark light entities they saw when they saw beyond their normal focus. Each volunteer described different shapes of the same dark light entity captured by the dark light sensors. The conclusion was we could not be ascertained what these dark light entities' shape. Our brain provided some aid in giving automatic interpretation of the target object and what we want to see from our experience in our memory banks. The energy reading of the dark light entities was significant than the surroundings. They were many in one very concentrated area. There were dark light entities that ignored our presence, and they were some aggressive ones. The experiment concluded that they were dark light entities behaving like living things. The experiment proved the sensors worked to design specification. The sensors will provide us very tactical advantages for current and future classified application. We could see them using natural sight and by science. The experiment proved dark light entities and dark matter exist using science. To have sharpened images, we need to use our feeling, emotional vision, to see beyond.

Now, why do we want to chase and see these dark light entities, when we could not see beyond the truth using our two eyes. We could if we want to. The problem is we close the other eye i.e. our feeling to see the truth.

Popular beliefs that these dark entities have bad intentions and bad traits because they see with one physical vision and fail to see the truth. The fact that, they dont have the most important eye, the feeling, the emotional vision for knowing our Creator. This makes Human creation special. Our Creator gave us two eyes to see beyond for the truth, physical vision and emotional vision.